Long-Span Shelving

We supply new long-span shelving (mini-racking) in various sizes.

19″ x 96″ Frames
25″ x 96″ Frames
2″ x 72″ Beams
2″ x 96″ Beams

We also supply the shelving placements to make a shelf level or you can use the opening between beams to make yourself a tire rack. YOU have the options and WE have the components!

Metalware Shelving

We have a large supply of metalware shelving in various sizes. This shelving comes in handy in both an office and an industrial setting. With heights of up to 100″ high, and shelves ranging from 12″ x 48″ to 24″ x 48″, we have just what you need!


Optimizing your storage costs per square foot (or meter) and maximizing picking efficiency can be a constant challenge. Racking works well for high-volume, fast movers. But what about smaller items like spare parts, electronics or apparel? This is where Storeganizer comes to the rescue. Our innovative, high-density storage system enables you to convert what was once dead space into a clever, slim-footprint storage solution.