Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking Systems

We supply and install both new and used pallet racking systems all over Canada. With a large variety of frames & beams to suit your warehousing needs, we have you covered.

NEW/USED - Wire Mesh Decks.

These wire mesh decks are used for industrial style pallet racking systems. Perfect when working with damaged pallets or loose inventory.

3 support bars run along each 42″ x 46″ wire mesh deck. Also comes in 36″ x 52″.

Safety Bars - Standard Sizes + Universal

We carry both new and used 36″ & 42″ safety bars, with multiple cup sizes to fit whichever size beams you are using. We also carry these safety bars with a universal cup size.

Safety bars are very beneficial when providing a safe pallet racking system. These safety bars will prevent misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the horizontal beams in a racking system. ​

Pushback - Pallet Racking

Our push-back pallet racks comprise, at each level, a series of nested carts riding on rails inclined upward slightly from the pick-up point.

Once the first pallet is placed on the top cart, the forklift operator pushes this load towards the back when another pallet is placed on the next cart, and so on until the system is full. To empty the push-back system, the first pallet is gently removed, causing the others to roll back towards the front, ready for easy pick-up according to the LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage method.

Cantilever Racking

Our cantilever racking is ideal for storing large, bulky products that cannot be stored on regular selective pallet racking. This type of racking is fantastic for lengthy products such as lumber and pipes. To learn more – See “Cogan Products” and download our e-brochure on cantilever racking.